Features of jewelry selection

Jewelry is, of course, an expensive purchase, the Commission of which should be approached deliberately. How to choose jewelry, what they are, when and how to wear them, and finally, what jewelry can be presented as a gift


Jewelry is most often made of gold, silver, platinum. As well as metals belonging to the platinum group (palladium, rhodium, iridium).

Most often it is, of course, gold and silver. The rest of the above metals are used in precious alloys, primarily to improve the qualities and properties of precious metals (they give gold or silver hardness, Shine, durability).

Each decoration has a sample.

The sample is a special brand that indicates the percentage of precious metal in the product. If there is no sample on the product-then the product is a fake or was made in a private workshop (in which you had to buy jewelry).


Gold can be 999, 958, 750, 585, 500, 375 sample. The most common - 585 sample, as it is perfectly correlated in terms of "price-quality".

If you prefer gold, you should know that gold has several shades (they give the metals in the alloy). In addition to the classic yellow, jewelers to create jewelry using gold and other shades-red, pink, white and unusual green, blue, blue and even black.

If you want to buy a ring or earrings made of white gold, pay attention to the fact that white gold is more difficult to choose than other metals.

A significant advantage of white gold is that it is not scratched, as it is very hard. Of the shortcomings can be identified, the hue is yellowish or brownish. But this shortcoming is easy to correct. You just need to choose a decoration of white gold with rhodium coating, which gives it brightness and Shine.


Incredibly malleable, but at the same time very durable metal. Therefore, platinum make complex frames for jewelry, which are very reliable and durable.

Platinum is also the purest metal, so it is suitable for people prone to allergies.

In platinum usually add ruthenium and iridium (about 10% of the alloy), from this platinum jewelry become very expensive.

Samples of platinum 950, 900, 850.


It is a white metal with a very high reflectivity up to 95%. Silver-malleable, ductile metal, it is perfectly polished, twisted, cut and even rolled out into the finest wire.

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Silver is widely used for making jewelry - earrings, rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, necklaces, chains, cufflinks, etc.This noble metal can be used in combination with gold, black, enamel, semi-precious and precious stones, mineral stones, ivory. Silver is considered the most democratic precious metal.

Samples of silver 950, 900, 800, 720. "Standard silver", i.e. the most common alloy in the world-925.


Many jewelry has an insert of precious (diamond, emerald, sapphire and others) and semiprecious stones (jade, carnelian, turquoise, Topaz). Inserts of mineral stones (pearls, coral, amber) are also possible.

Stone you can choose based on your character, lifestyle or other preferences.